A downloadable game for Windows

Beta 2 Released! Woooohoooooo!

We don't have iOS or OSX versions yet (because nobody gifted us a mac book) but browser version is here. It should work on most Apple devices:

Explore space and go for new adventures with this physics based space game! Solve puzzles, collect crystals, improve your spaceship! Finish the story mode and go for multiplayer! Build your own planet! 

This is the beta version of Super Mega Space Game!
Play the game and join us with your feedback and ideas! We want to design and complete the game together! 

You can download it for free but if you consider donation that would be great support for the project and we have some offers for you:


Check Youtube videos for more info:

Install instructions

Android: Just install.
Windows: Extract rar file and open "SuperMegaSpaceGame.exe" in the folder.
E-mail to supermegaspacegame@gmail.com for any questions.

Full gameplay video is here in case of emergency :)



supermegaspacegame-beta2-win32.zip 77 MB

Development log


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Really loved the training levels. Really interesting game physics. Started Adventure mode, only to see pay-to-win functions already prepared (but not implemented. IMHO devs should concentrate on making a decent robust game first before adding PTW.

It is great game. I play in windows. But why I can not download apk

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WOAW This game is great I love it but control is not  changeable and for me the gameplay is very complicated pleas change his that I can play more at this game 

i registered at itch.io just to tell you its    : )    thanks

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Thanks my friend! We'll release 2nd beta in 1 month and will try to make configurable controls ;) keep in touch!


Hi there! First of all i admire the work you guys have been putting into the game, the fact that you guys quit your day jobs to focus only on Super Mega Space Game shows a lot about your commitment! 

Now the game on itself, I LOVED your beta! The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are fire, I want more already haha! Keep up the good work guys! 

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If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details:


Thanks GDWC! Nice to hear these words and motivating!
Of course we would love to participate the competition!
Thanks for your invitation, we will be there!